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A graduate in Mass Communications and a former Food and Wine Journalist for several publications, Adeline was searching for an endeavour to sate the need for fulfilment. That’s when she started to teach. Shortly after, she authored the local bestseller “Score the A* You Deserve in PSLE Writing”. It was then that Adeline realised her inherent flair for writing and love for teaching helped change the lives of the many students who sought after her classes. A hunger to lead a team of professional and passionate teachers led to the founding of The Right Word. With the completion of her Masters in Teaching English to Young Learners, Adeline has refined both theory and practice to conceive The Right Word’s pedagogy– The SAIL Approach.

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Teaching was an unplanned move for this former SAF-turned-Financial-Services-professional who found his calling when he was a school teacher with the National Institute of Education (NIE). Thereafter, Kelvin was a private tutor to a handful of students. The success of his students and demand for his classes led to the switch in teaching group classes. His commitment to ensuring students experience significant grade jumps is what attracts parents to enrol all their children with him. A firm believer of inspiring students to go beyond their perceived potential, Kelvin is a devoted educator who continually refines his craft.

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Akin to a homing pigeon, Dorothy instinctively navigated her way back to where her heart belongs – the lifelong profession of educating, empowering and inspiring young minds. A former practising lawyer in a Big Four law firm and a recipient of SPRING Singapore’s Executive Development Scholarship, Dorothy decidedly quit the lustre of the legal profession to pursue her “Ikigai”, which she experienced during her years as a private tutor. She trusts that in leading by example, she would inspire her students to master the art of the English language regardless of their current proficiency levels and be future leaders in their own rights.

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“The lessons at The Right Word are really different compared to other tuition centres! The tutors are committed and students who are at different levels are able to learn together…”

- Megan, Student of TRW

“The lessons are enjoyable, fun-filled in a conducive environment. Animations, videos and short films are used for a better understanding of the lesson objective…”

- Morgan, Student of TRW