Why Students Love Classes at TRW



I wasn’t very good at elaborating my points and being thorough in explaining the links in my ideas. Also,  I struggled in seeing the larger scope of the question and had a tendency to focus on smaller details that didn’t really matter as much. With the EATS essay analysis strategy, I’ve improved in my essay writing. I’m also thankful to Ms Adeline for helping me with my research essay. It was very helpful in seeing how I could broaden my scope, analyse my examples and more. What I like about TRW is that the staff are super friendly and Ms Adeline makes lessons really fun and engaging yet educational. Ms Adeline knows how to relate to her students to engage them in the lessons and you really feel that she cares about you!

-Sumi Tang, Year 3, SOTA

Ms Adeline helped me to improve on my writing skills not only in English but also in Literature. I had trouble with mostly grammar mistakes and this led to many careless mistakes that made it difficult to do well. I learnt to apply critical thinking and analytical skills, strategies such as EATS in essay writing, ACE in Comprehension and the SIFTS method for editing in my English paper to improve from C6 to B4. Compared to other centres, what makes TRW different is that the teachers are friendly and the classes are interesting and fun. The different 300-word missions and Kahoot quizzes given helped me improve in both my English and general knowledge. I enjoy seeing my friends and teachers and learning how to improve in attempting my English paper.

-Erica Oh, Secondary 4, Commonwealth Secondary School

I have always found English challenging since Primary school. Since joining TRW, I have improved in areas such as writing, comprehension, vocabulary and critical thinking skills through application of strategies ti the English paper. I also have a clearer idea of how to revise for English through strategies taught for essay analysis (EATS), question identification for Comprehension and answering skills for Comprehension (ACE). TRW is different from other centres as apart from standard group lessons, they cater really well to the individual needs of each student and do their best to aid each student to work on his/her weaker areas. What I enjoy about TRW is the appropriate mix of learning and fun, that enables us to pick up new concepts and creates an ideal learning environment.

-Clara Yang, Secondary 4, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

The lessons at The Right Word are really different compared to other tuition centres! The tutors are committed and students who are at different levels are able to learn together as the classes are very guided to ensure that no one is lost or unable to follow the pace of the class. The materials provided by the centre is creative and original. It is created with the aim of equipping students to be exam-ready and be connected to current affairs at all times. Enrolling into this centre is probably one of the best choices I’ve made as the tutors at The Right Word really care about me and strive their best in helping me improve my grades through strategies such as SIFTS and EATS. I am very glad to have aced my tests in sec! More importantly, I don’t just learn things that are related to academics, but also values that help shape me into a better person. Without attending classes at The Right Word, I think I would not be able to fully realise my strengths and weakness. While learning how to maximise my strengths, I’ve also learnt how to improve in many ways to make up for the weaknesses that I have.

-Megan Lee, Secondary 4, Nanyang Girl’s High School

The lessons are enjoyable, fun-filled and held in a conducive environment. Animations, videos and short films are used for a better understanding of the lesson objective. When we write about certain topics, Adeline would show us curated videos on the topics we are writing about to help us understand the topic much more. Along with strategies such as EATS, I was able to write my essay with a clearer perspective. My English grades improved tremendously after attending tuition at TRW and I guess if I did not attend classes at The Right Word, I will fail my English.

-Morgan Lee, Secondary 2, Hwa Chong Institution

Before I joined The Right Word, I failed every test related to English except grammar as it was my strongest topic. I would always be so extremely stressed that I would just space out, sometimes thinking what went wrong and why I am so lousy in English. I have improved from a failing grade to a C grade in the PSLE since I joined TRW. The ACE method truly benefitted me. In addition the 300-Word Mission helps me in my vocabulary. I learn general knowledge and form sentences with words I have not even discovered yet. What I like about TRW is that there is a homely setting.

-Andre Teh, Woodlands Secondary School, [Recently scored A2 in an English test]

“I have learnt a lot from you and I improved from a B to an A! You guided me when I needed help and let me realise that EL can be so easy! I am very confident in doing EL worksheets now! I know that I can improve more to get an A when I am in Sec school by using your methods.”

-Zacchaeus Go, Primary 6

“You rock to the max! I love my lessons with you! I learn many things (such as techniques to score better in comprehension [main idea] and to always check G.P.S.)! You are the funniest EL coach ever! I’ve always loved English but now I love it even more! Thank you, Adeline!”

– Isabelle Yuen, Primary 6

“You are the most awesome teacher/coach I have ever encountered! Thanks to you, my grades improved greatly from 50+ to 70+! Thanks!”

– Abigail Faith Png, Primary 6

“I have learnt a lot from your teaching, I have improved a lot from 48 to 86. You guided me since the beginning of the year. Now I am very confident in English. You are the best coach! Thx for your help.”

– Timothy Thamrun, Pri 6

“I started lessons in June 2011, my SA1 grade was C5. After lessons with Mr K.Lee, my grades improved to B3 for my SA2 for English. He is strict with me when I do not do my work, and rewards me when I do my work well. He spurs me on to greater heights in my English like teaching me how to express myself properly in the English which helped me in my oral exams. I also improved in my creative writing and comprehension skills. Thank you Mr Lee.”

– Joel Ting, 
Sec 1, Fairfield Methodist Secondary School

“I started tuition with Mr Lee on 26 May 2011, after my SA1 where I scored Band 2 for my English. After half a year with Mr Kelvin Lee, I improved to a Band 1 for my SA2. I’m grateful to him for helping me to improve in my English. He imposes a lot of discipline during the lesson, but does provide real-life anecdotes at times to make lessons interesting. Sometimes, he teaches overtime either to ensure the work is done during lessons before examinations. Thank you Mr K.Lee!”

– Andrew Ting
Primary 4, Fairfield Methodist Primary School

“Adeline teaches in a fun way. She makes class very interesting. My marks are quite high nowadays. From 20+, i have gone to 30+.”

– Ljane Shirley, Primary 5
From TRW English Writing Class

“I have enjoyed writing and scored well in school. My teacher has been praising me!”

– Dillon Ng, Primary 6
From TRW English Writing Class

“Adeline is very engaging and animated, allowing us to understand the phrases with her live demonstration. My composition marks have riseen from 25 to 35, an improvement of around 10 marks!”

– Ivan Leong, Primary 6
From TRW English Writing Class

“Adeline always adds humour into everything she teaches and always relates incidents to her life. I feel that now, after attending Adeline’s class, I can write better and with more content than before. Thank you!”

– Filbert Phang, Primary 6
From TRW English Writing Class

“I learnt new strategies and am able to apply it. I improved in the areas that I used to be weak at. I used to get a B but now an A for English. Currently aiming for A*.”

– Sean Seah, Primary 6
From TRW English Class

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