The following are testimonials from parents of our students. We appreciate those that have taken the time to give us their feedbacks and testimonies.


Transformation Period: Less than one month!

“Adeline is able to guide the students through their work patiently. She also makes an effort to understand each student’s strength and weakness, likes and dislikes, which will help her better in coaching the student. After attending Adeline’s class for a month, Clarine is now able to complete her open-ended comprehension questions without much/any help. In addition, her comprehension cloze has also improved – from more than 5 blanks to almost none. It’s a great improvement!”

– Catherine Ling, Mother of Clarine Ling

The Right Word is the right place...

“My daughter, in P6 this year gained much better results in her Math under the guidance of Dione since August in 2015. She scored 90 marks in her SA2 Math last year. Dione is able to stimulate the class by posing challenging Math questions in a fun and systematic manner and the class participates enthusiastically. My daughter looks forward to such challenging questions now and is more confident in solving them. Dione possesses the right skills, experience and passion in teaching her students. I’ll recommend her to any parent who want their child to excel in Math. The Right Word is the right place for the right students who desire to achieve the right result.”

– Chan Keng Soon, Parent of Chan Hui Si (Kong Hwa Primary)

You are a devoted educator...

“Thank you for offering a reading session with him. You are a devoted educator and I really need help to make Mauern move forward faster. I can see Mauern himself is willing and looking forward to attend your class. Thanks for taking care of Mauern’s interests and attending to his needs!”

– Celyna Khoo, Mother of Mauern Lee (Nanyang Primary School)

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