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The SAIL Approach: An Enriching Journey Towards Academic Success

As passionate and experienced educators, we understand the need to thrive and flourish in a competitive academic climate. At the same time, we know that what gears students towards success in life encompasses an attitude that is always hungry for knowledge and development. As such, we have devised the SAIL approach to teaching so as to cater to every student and groom them to break through their perceived potential.

The SAIL Approach is conceived through research workshops and research projects by the team of teachers at TRW. Through the journey of our Masters education and the many years of experience we have collected teaching students, we have put together an approach proven to inculcate inquisitive, motivated students who have a zest for success in academic endeavours and in life. The dynamic SAIL approach constantly innovates and adapts to the seas of change that students are subjected to in this highly-globalised and competitive society.

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Here’s how we SAIL towards the zenith of our students’ academic potential–

Strategic techniques are used to help students better understand the requirements of their exam and to boost their confidence so that they are always exam-ready. We impart these proprietary techniques to our students as we know from the wise words of Sun Tzu that “battles are won before they are fought”.

Affective methods involve affective domains which relate to interests, attitudes, appreciations, values, and emotional sets or biases. This research-proven method  appeals to a student’s motivation to learn.

Innovative tools of instruction are often used in the TRW classroom to ensure we are always up-to-date in terms of delivery methods and content.

Learning habits that last a lifetime. That is the essence of what we strive to instil in students as successful students and people always have a positive learning attitude.

It is with the SAIL approach that students have enjoyed the fruits of their labour and we, have manifested our mission– helping every student ace their exams.


“The lessons at The Right Word are really different compared to other tuition centres! The tutors are committed and students who are at different levels are able to learn together…”

- Megan, Student of TRW

“The lessons are enjoyable, fun-filled in a conducive environment. Animations, videos and short films are used for a better understanding of the lesson objective…”

- Morgan, Student of TRW