Holiday Workshops

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This 8-hour workshop spanning across two days will help your child tackle the three sections that often cause them the most challenges in the PSLE English paper— the Comprehension Cloze, Comprehension Open-ended and Composition sections. If your child is in Primary 5 or Primary 6, they might be at a loss as to how they should tackle these sections.

Our March Holiday Booster is meant to help them tackle specifically the fixed expression question type in Comprehension Cloze. Most of the time, this question type takes up half of the questions in the passage. If your child lacks exposure to fixed expressions (phrases with words that MUST be used together), they will find it a great challenge to tackle the Comprehension Cloze section. In 2 hours, we will cover 200 fixed expressions commonly tested in school exams and the PSLE. These fixed expressions have been curated from top school exam papers and questions have been created to help your child acquire, retain and apply their knowledge to comprehension cloze passages. Your child will also pick up the tested and proven SKIS technique that our students use to tackle both the comprehension cloze and open-ended sections.

With the SKIS technique, your child will finally understand how to answer inferential questions and true/false questions. These questions are almost always tested in the comprehension open-ended section and take up more than 50% of the marks in the section. Using summarisation techniques and a step by step process of analysing questions, students will gain exposure and practice to inferential questions and true/false questions from approximately ten different passages under 2 hours. This means your child will be receiving highly targeted and guided practice within 4 hours to be able to masterfully handle their comprehension open-ended and cloze questions.

If your child has the common lament of having “no idea what to write” or not knowing “how to make the story longer”, then your child will certainly benefit from the Complete Content Development Approach (CCDA). With this technique, your child will know exactly how to handle various composition questions, even if they have never seen it before. In the 4-hour session, we will cover fifty story plots that will help your child with building content so that they are able to apply what they have learnt to any composition question that comes their way. Additionally, our Characters Come Alive (CCA) technique will help your child describe and elaborate on any scenario, even if they do not have a repertoire of fancy phrases! To further boost your child’s language, they will also be provided with a list of applicable descriptives that are simple yet expressive.

At the end of this 2-day workshop, your child will gain increased confidence through the mastery of proven strategies such as the SKIS, CCDA and CCA so they can see a 5-8 mark improvement in each of the comprehension and composition segments of the PSLE English paper. Above all, the delivery mode of the lessons is conducted through an interactive and engaging process that your child will enjoy!

Click here to register for the March Holiday Booster Programme!