The Right Word is led by a team of passionate and experienced educators. We love learning, we love teaching and we love youths. The Right Word believes that all youths deserve to grow in an environment that is inclusive, engaging and enriching.

We guide students to become better learners to achieve the grades they desire. Our pedagogy and curriculum, backed by our research projects to innovate teaching methodology, shaped by heart to heart talks with students, is proven by a track record of transformational results. With an unwavering focus on our mission to improve students’ abilities to acquire and apply knowledge, we have developed the SAIL approach. The SAIL (Strategic Affective Innovative Learning) approach helps students cruise ahead on a successful and enriching learning journey. And that, is how we help every student ace their exams.

“The lessons are enjoyable, fun-filled in a conducive environment. Animations, videos and short films are used for a better understanding of the lesson objective...”
~ Morgan, Student of The Right Word
“I have learnt a lot from you and I improved from a B to an A! You guided me when I needed help and let me realise that EL can be so easy! I am very confident in doing EL worksheets now...”
~ Zacchaeus Go, Primary 6
“Adeline is able to guide the students through their work patiently. She also makes an effort to understand each student’s strength and weakness, likes and dislikes, which will help her better in coaching the student...”
~ Catherine Ling, Mother of Clarine