Holiday Fun During the March 2016 School Break!

Posted on: 14-Mar-2016 11:43:04 am
By The Right Word

1. Enjoy winter in the sultry summer.

First up, visit an igloo during this sweltering hot season!

While it’s not exactly an igloo, it is the cafe’s objective to create a festive season all year round! So if you’re missing all the merry-making you enjoyed during Christmas, visit the anti-cafe concept cafe for some good ol’ fun. An anti-cafe concept means the food is free and you simply pay for your time there. This means, you get to enjoy all you want together with your friends and family for only $10 per hour.

Or, you could also visit Snow City where adventures await Arctic explorers! From storytelling about the Inuit and the Northern Lights to experiencing snowfall and attending the ski camp– choices are aplenty!

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2. Get out in the heat and enjoy Mother Nature.

Guided walks at Chek Jawa, treks at the Southern Ridges or learning more about creatures in Sungei Buloh… there are plenty of options for nature lovers, or those who want to learn more about nature, in Singapore.

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3. Visit some museums… for FREE!

Museums hold a wealth of information and there’s no better place to learn while exploring a visual buffet of heritage, art and culture.

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 We’ve always thought that Singapore is an awesome holiday destination even for locals because of the many activities and events that are constantly held throughout the year. The school holidays is the perfect time to indulge in these activities and spend some quality time with your family and children.

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