No More Holiday Ho-hum– PLAY and Not Practice Math!

Posted on: 21-Nov-2015 05:07:03 pm
By The Right Word

In R. Collier’s words, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” Now, we all know that. However… wouldn’t it be great if success is the sum of FUN efforts, repeated day in and day out?

Sounds impossible?

Not really! Especially with these websites that we’ve found to aid you in building up foundational skills essential to success in the subject. Perhaps you’ve done numerous Mathematical sums as part of intensive drilling. But do you understand what you’ve practised? Here are SIX websites catering to different age groups so you can PLAY, not just practice Math!

1. XP Math


Image credits: XP Math

Practice your guess and check skills by attempting to hack a smartphone. You could even master the concept of volume with concepts from Minecraft! What’s not to love?

Visit XP Math now and have fun!

2. Sheppard Software

Sheppard software caters to a slightly younger target audience with its “Pop the Balloon” sequence identification games and various interactive methods to tackle concepts in decimals, algebra and geometry. This would likely stir up interest in those who think they are inclined to hate numbers.


Image credits: Sheppard Software

Visit Sheppard Software now to have a clicking good time!

3. Manga High

As it states, “Play math, love math!”

During your first few attempts at the games on the site, you might think that it’s all easy peasy. Through the stages, the missions become progressively challenging and then you realise that the objective of the game is meant to equip you with an understanding of the said theorem or concept be it for quadratics or angles.


Image credits: Manga High

To unknowingly master your Math concepts, click here to visit Manga High!

4. Brilliant

This one comes with a bonus, especially if you love science.


Image credits: Brilliant

Brilliant is meant to aid excellence in the mastery of science and math and its creator believes that learning should be interactive and bite-sized with learners having the chance to network, sharing their experiences on their attempts to understand mathematical and scientific concepts. Apart from an easily-navigable interface, Brilliant also practises what they put forth.

Click here to have fun and connect with more than 1.5 million other users on Brilliant!

5. Get the Math

Get the Math gives us reasons to truly understand the subject because it can be applicable in fashion, videogames, music and … possibly almost every aspect of life! Watch videos uploaded on the site, then attempt the challenges put forth. It certainly beats assessment books doesn’t it?


Image credits: Get the Math

Click here to find out how Math is applied in music.

6. TedEd Math

Ahhhh TedEd. One of our favourite sites! If you’re really in the mood to chill and relax, just put on a TedEd video and get ready to be awed. We love this Bridge Riddle by Alex Gendler.


Image credits: Ted Ed

To enjoy Math in a visually appealing and interactive manner, click here now!

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