Schedule a complimentary detailed examination paper review (worth $122.50) NOW find out exactly how we can help your child improve! In this session, we will equip your child with 2 out of our many proven strategies so your child can acquire them and apply these strategies for close to immediate improvement.

Help Your Child Improve Achieve a 2-3 Grade Improvement in His/Her English Examination with our Proven and Proprietary SAIL Approach!

Discover how your child can finally see results in the English examination! Since 2013, we have helped more than a thousand students of all abilities see improvement in their results. Our SAIL Approach employs a tested three-pronged formula (Strategies, Content knowledge, Application) to help students learn and understand how to tackle the English paper with ease.

Dear parents,

Do you face the following challenges with helping your children in their effort to improve their English?

  • Struggling with the new syllabus that seems more advanced and demanding than before

  • Having no idea how to coach your child in writing or facing a lot of frustration doing so

  • Feeling at a loss due to lack of a textbook or structured syllabus, fixed vocabulary list so you can ensure your child completes revision for English

  • Being handicapped by your own challenges with English as a language

  • Enduring confusion and uncertainty even though you are fairly proficient in English

If you find the scenarios above familiar, you are not alone! The new English syllabus is indeed demanding and it is a known fact that of all the subjects, English is one that often remains a challenge since it seems like there is no fixed structure and syllabus.

Yet, this does not mean that all hope is lost. In our experience, even students who think they are destined to fail English, can make a turnaround as long as they receive the right help!

We have helped students across various schools achieve As and Distinctions in the English paper because we strongly believe that every student is capable of achieving the results they deserve!

Why Students Choose to Grow with TRW

At The Right Word, we've had the pleasure of seeing and guiding students through their language learning journey from Primary school till Junior College.


Our signature weekly 300-Word Mission enables students to become global citizens through exciting and intriguing current affairs texts.


Students learn effectively while being engaged, successfully acing their examinations and seeing the improvement they desire. Our proprietary SAIL pedagogy is crafted with research, expertise and experience.


We help students learn and understand how to tackle the English paper with ease with our three-pronged formula (Strategies, Content knowledge, Application).


Passionate and professional, our team of educators work with students' interest at heart, sharing strong rapport with each and every student.


Our innovative and effective SAIL Approach has been featured in media such as Parents World and The New Paper. We have also won a Parents World award for being the best in making lessons come alive!

Our proprietary and proven SAIL Approach has helped more than a thousand students see improvement in their English examination- sometimes even beyond their expectations! Conceived through years of experience, research, professional expertise and journalistic background, the SAIL Approach has helped students of all abilities ace their English.

SAIL to Success with our Proprietary Strategies!

We have conceived set-to-score strategies for every part of the English paper to help students approach their English examinations with confidence and certainty.

Secure a no-obligations appointment with our English Specialists for a free 1-1 review worth $122.50!


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