Lower Primary English:

Primary 1 to 2

Foundation-building in vocabulary and grammar to help students build a strong proficiency in comprehension and composition.

Middle Primary English:

Primary 3 to 4

Stepping stones to acquiring the 11 SAIL to success strategies.

Upper Primary English:

Primary 5 to 6

Mastery of SAIL to success strategies that will help your child that will help your child ace their PSLE English Paper.

Upper Primary Writing:

Primary 5 to 6

Focus on our Complete Content Development Approach and Triple S strategy to score in Continuous Writing and Situational Writing.

Lower Secondary English:

Sec 1 to 2

Our Secondary school SAIL to success strategies and focus on being a globally aware student equip students with the skills and content knowledge to tackle English and Literature.

Upper Secondary English:

Sec 3 to 5

Extensive content knowledge on current affairs and global issues coupled with SAIL to Success strategies enable students to score in O' Level English and be ready to handle the demands of tertiary education.

General Paper:

JC 1 to 2

Continued emphasis on exam techniques and skills under our SAIL Approach to help students ready themselves for this compulsory and critical subject that will determine their choice of course and university.

Holiday Workshops

Our signature holiday programmes are held in March, June, September, between November and early December. Programme availability is updated closer to these dates. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop on programmes available!

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